Adam Lambert

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I had the honor of photographing rock star Adam Lambert yesterday and wanted to share a few images before I left for Thanksgiving! Adam is one of my new favorite people. One of the producers brought his three little girls on set and it was so fun to watch Adam interacting with them. When asked about his performance at the American Music Awards, Adam was rightfully unapologetic and spoke about a double standard in music and being gay, male, and a performer. I was obsessed with his metallic nails so I had to take some hand shots! Check out Adam’s new CD, For Your Entertainment.


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  1. Thank you, these are beautiful.

    Posted by TammiReply
  2. Great photos!

    Posted by aizaReply
  3. Wow. You do amazing work. You’ve managed to capture Adam Lambert as both a sexy individual and a down to earth sweet guy. He certainly is an intriguing puzzle. And I envy his nails!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Posted by JussieCReply
  4. These are beautiful! Wow, thank you so much for posting them!

    Posted by AnnetteReply
  5. These are incredible photos! Thank you sooo much for posting them.

    Posted by LindaReply
  6. These are truly gorgeous pictures. Amazing work.

    Posted by ReggieReply
    Thank you so much!!!

    Posted by jneenReply
  8. great !!

    Posted by Elisabeth MillayReply
  9. WOW! These are beautiful pics of our glorious Unicorn Prince. Love them

    Posted by JackieReply
  10. I’ve never seen him look more determined. Thank you for sharing these post-AMA photos, very beautiful!

    Posted by BjoReply
  11. thank you so much for these photos! he is just BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE him!!!!!

    Posted by AnneReply
  12. Thanks for the photos, they’re fantastic, and Adam is also my fav artist since AI. Get over AMAs!

    Posted by IvReply
  13. OMG……STUNNING…..please tell us there are more and you will post them too!!!!!

    Posted by AdamFanReply
  14. Beautiful pics of Adam. You captured his essence. Hopefully you get the opportunity in the future to photograph him again.

    Posted by DevenReply
  15. wow, great pics, he’s so handsome….

    Posted by kathyReply
  16. Really nice photos! Thank you so much for putting them up on your site! You captured this walking detail-rich glitteriness perfectly. I’d kill for those nails. And that chainmail-looking knuckled ring. …You know what, I’d kill for the whole package, thankyouverymuch.

    Posted by scratchbookReply
  17. Thanks you for sharing these beautiful pictures of Adam. I hope you post more.

    Posted by LindaReply
  18. Thank you. You captured the adorable Adam and sexy Adam. Amazing pics!!

    Posted by JanicaReply
  19. ohhhhhhhhhh!!! hottttttttttt!!! thank you so much for taking the time to take his photos and to post for us to share and indulge. Love his CD and his AMA performance. Hope to hear and see more!!!!

    Posted by carolReply
  20. Fabulous pictures of a beautiful man!

    Posted by mollyReply
  21. Thanks for sharing these, they are so beautiful!

    Posted by KimberlyReply
  22. awesome photos!!!

    Posted by crissieReply
  23. Love the pretty! His nails are fab, too.

    Posted by CherylReply
  24. The hands shot is incredible, as are all of them

    Posted by RoxanneReply
  25. These are just beautiful. You really caught something unexplainable in them. The fans would love love love to see any others you have. Maybe you could post them on his official website – on

    Thank you again !

    Posted by morganrowan@hotmail.comReply
  26. Thank you for posting these. Beautiful photos of a beautiful subject! :)

    Posted by HannaBReply
  27. Thank you! Great pictures!

    Posted by JohannaReply
  28. these photos are soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!! adam is pretty handsome…love him!

    Posted by annaReply
  29. Thank you soo much for the pictures!! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful Adam Lambert is!! Not just physically but his personality!!

    Posted by Marlena GageReply
  30. Hands can tell a lot about a person. I love your beautiful photographs of his hands.

    Posted by skylarReply
  31. Beautiful photographs..I’m so jealous that you met the nail polish..then again, I love anything Adam

    Posted by llindaReply
  32. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Beautiful pictures.

    Posted by Cre8Reply
  33. Beautiful! Perfection! Gorgeous! An absolute Super Star!

    Great photos! 10 stars!

    Posted by IkahReply
  34. Thanks for Sharing these beautiful picture of Adam. You always do a great job with Adams Picture.

    Posted by Glambert 3475Reply
  35. Thank you soooo much for posting these beautiful pics of Mr. Adam Lambert.
    He has been my favorite person since the beginning of Idol.

    When I first saw Adam at the barricades during the tour, he literally took my breath away. That has never happened to me in all my 52 yrs. I will never forget that moment.

    He deserves so much respect and appreciation. I love him !!!

    Posted by DebbieReply
  36. WOW these photos are divine. Adam is so photogenic.

    Posted by SkylarReply
  37. these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! adam is already gorgeous, but your photos are really exquisite. let us know if you make more available!! we want more :)

    Posted by RachaelReply
  38. Wow, stunning photos that really capture the many sides of his great personality.

    Posted by AmyReply
  39. I have been an Adam fan since January and I swear, every time a new set of pictures comes out I am totally astounded by the beauty of this man. How can anyone look like this? I know he has some lingering insecurities from his teen years, but Adam, God has not only blessed you with an incredible talent and personality, but just look in the mirror,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you are gorgeous!!!!!

    Posted by ForeverReply
  40. Love these! Thank you so much. The close-ups on his hands are especially rare and appreciated. Those gold nails, never seen that before!

    Posted by MaryannReply
  41. Thank you for the BEST pictures of Adam that I have ever seen! Wow! You are awesome!!!!!

    Posted by algalReply
  42. exquisite!

    Posted by asleReply
  43. wow!! the most beautiful pix of Adam!!! wonderful job!!!

    Posted by carmaReply
  44. awesome photos

    Posted by drwoReply
  45. You do beautiful work! Adam is so photogenic! Would it be possible to buy one of these? Thanks!

    Posted by MaryReply
  46. Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful photos of Adam. He is truly a treasure and I adore all your pics of him.

    Posted by VivReply
  47. Thank you for posting these gorgeous photographs. Adam is the most intriguing, exciting performer to come along in years. His eyes are intoxicating, as well as his smile. The metallic fingernails are to die for.

    Posted by VictoriaReply
  48. Robin, those are fabulous photos of Adam!! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by OutlandoGirlReply
  49. Lucky you!!! These photos are fantastic ….. Adam is so beautiful and you captured some great shots!! Thank you from another adoring fan.

    Posted by RitaReply
  50. I´m ectasy by these Adam´s Pictures!! ♥

    Posted by MarcineReply
  51. Beautiful pictures, I love Adam!

    Posted by irisReply
  52. love love lov these images of adam! does anyone know what designer that armour ring is from?or where i can find it? it looks amazing! i cant find it :( LOVE YOU ADAM! :)

    Posted by katieReply
  53. WOW hes sooooo hot thnx 4 posting them!!!!!!!!
    (i love his metalic nails too!!!!)

    Posted by DaniellaReply
  54. these are beautiful

    Posted by parisaReply
  55. Simply Stunning! I am so happy that I came to this site.

    Posted by Sandy (@wismiss3)Reply
  56. your so handsome adam
    i love you

    Posted by kyle iyahReply
  57. cuuuuute..I <3 YOU

    Posted by nemes biankaReply
  58. You did a fantastic job capturing his beauty. I am an Adam admirer big time. His voice is amazing and he has got to be the cutest, sweetest man on earth. Thank you for your pictures. Very generous of you.

    Posted by LeAnnReply
  59. amazingggggggggggg

    Posted by barsinReply

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